how it works

We are living in a digital world.

Control your data, menu, and money. It is easy with OrderOrBook 

Own your data

Collect your direct customers information. Increase sales with SMS- and email- marketing. Receive comprehensive analysis about your sales and customers preferences

Sell directly

Turn your website traffic and customers' search on Google into sales. Receive orders through your website, Google page and Facebook. OrderOrBook is a browser-type system

Collect your money

Receive money from customers in store or directly into your bank account. Payment processing from our partner Nuvei is included, free of monthly fees and setup cost.

Zero investments

Receive orders on any of your existing devices. No need to buy any new equipment.
All what is required is the internet access.
Just upload an app on your tablet or smartphone and it will ring announcing your OrderBook's orders

Manage your menu

The most advanced menu setup on the market!
Unlimited customization options, happy hours, week day specials, catering menu etc. Intuitive flow and phone-friendly ordering generates more orders than others.

Keep your profit

Processing online orders is a service. Why to share your profit with service providers? Pay us a fair fixed fee for each processed order and convert to OrderOrBook your less profitable online orders. Moreover, we will not charge you for small orders at all

Best Ordering System for Pizza.

The pizza menu is the most complicated menu in the restaurant industry!

Designed by experts in the pizza business, OrderOrBook is uniquely positioned to meet those challenges.

  • Let your customers customize their pizzas
  • Allow toppings substitution
  • Sell half-and-half or by slices
  • Offer deals such as 3 Pizzas – 9 Toppings Combined
  • Make any possible combos

OrderOrBook can handle all.

We support your own delivery with different zones pricing.

Experience Digital Ordering in Action.

Start selling directly online today